About Us

Ensure Security the South African expert in global security solutions. We are a Broad-Based Black Economically Empowered security service provider established on the foundations of three generations with over fifty years of uninterrupted service in the South African security sector. Businesses in South Africa face an ever-increasing security risk within a high pressure trading environment making dynamic and innovative security measures a necessity. Our exposure to such a broad range of security risks, across the wide spectrum of successfully serviced Ensure customers, has created a wealth of knowledge that proves invaluable when formulating innovative client-specific, risk management solutions in response to new and ongoing security assessments

Our unparalleled success has been built on an uncompromising customer service culture, rigorous quality management systems, a determination to innovate and to remain at the cutting-edge of the industry. We constantly challenge ourselves to improve performance and work hard to foster and maintain close, honest and open relationships with our customers. Experience has shown that this pro-active approach develops high levels of trust and mutual benefit. The backbone of our organisation is the Executive Team.

Highly experienced and closely involved, they engender dedication and professionalism at all levels of our stable, qualified and highly experienced workforce. With security solutions viewed from both a user and provider’s perspective, proven security practices are coupled with the latest technologies available to deliver the very best tailor-made, cost-efficient security solutions for the client.