Integrated Technologies

“As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes embedded in Estates, buildings, spaces and equipment, a new paradigm for the interaction of people and places is emerging.

Ensure Integrated Technologies recognises the emergence of smart environments and is ready to offer inhabitants next generation applications capable of recognizing and responding to the needs of landlords, tenants and facilities in an almost invisible fashion.”

A Global First

Ensure Integrated Technologies was born out of the coming together of a consortium of world leaders in their various fields, including a team of the finest engineers, systems integrators and suppliers in the “off-grid” eco smart industry, who have united to develop an innovative, ground-breaking integrated SMART Security & Virtual Facilities solution…


The solution comprises of the integration of several key functions such as facilities, safety and security and application monitoring to provide an intelligent platform ‘smart’ enough to optimise processes and allow for the pre-emptive, proactive notification and response to both scheduled and non-scheduled incidents through real-time information monitoring and data management, and which will ensure sustainability and environmental efficiencies through the generation of renewable energy resources, green facilities initiatives and the implementation and AI driven connected security technologies.

This system’s Management Service Provider will revolutionize building and Estate Management by implementing a secure virtualised platform, ultimately allowing THINGS and PEOPLE on a site to communicate with each other in a manner so seamless and effortless, that the true value of Smart Security and Facilities Management will be achieved like never before.

This next generation solution will become a blueprint for integrated buildings, gated communities, catalytic projects and smart cities worldwide.


ENSURE IT is the technical services division within the ENSURE Group of Companies, focusing on the supply and integration of applications ranging from CCTV, Access Control and ICT Infrastructure & Management, to Smart Metering and fully-funded Renewable Energy solutions.

Together with our technology alliance partners we are able to offer innovative solutions to the ever-changing demand of intelligent applications, from the integration and monitoring of full facilities systems to the physical security and on the ground guarding of our clients’ people and assets.

ENSURE IT’s strength lies in its ability to integrate new, or legacy systems of various brands into a single, fully managed, integrated platform.

It is this integration and convergence of services across the typical security, facilities and IT departments where our clients realize true benefits in terms of management efficiencies and cost savings.

Our capacity makes us an ideal partner to a fast-growing, high profile client base that demands service excellence and to which we offer an efficient response and support service.

A Smarter Approach

Until recently, many buyers of Security Services still have not adopted the practice of conducting modern risk assessments before calling for tenders. Typically, the same tender specifications are used that have been in place for years.

Currently the relationship between buyers and suppliers is transactional and typically short term, leaving providers with little time to recoup upfront investment and in turn, leading to a reluctance to propose modern solutions to confront modern threats.

ENSURE IT has the capacity to offer our clients customized, tailor made rental and finance packages to make the future-proofing of their businesses an affordable reality.

Unproductive manpower can now feasibly be supplemented or substituted with cutting-edge technology creating a more efficient and even cost-effective security intervention.

Covid-19 - The Perfect Security Storm

Although forward thinking facility owners and operators are not unaware of incredible advances in security technology and the convergence with ever increasing labour costs, the recent outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic has compelled them to confront newfound concerns.

The threat of:

  • Inadequate access control systems which are even required to cope with the infiltration of invisible intruders which may pose fatal outcomes.

  • The possibilities of rampage violence and looting.

  • The frailty of a manpower security solution which may collapse under the threat of infection, cross-infection & consequential isolation, causing a disastrous security vacuum.

  • The collateral economic fallout of confronting the Pandemic.

  • The need to increase security efficiency, whilst addressing the frailties and increase costs of an operational guard force, which typically comprises the largest portion of a security budget have converged to create the perfect security storm.

World-Class Smart Solutions

“In an ever-changing world of technology, ENSURE IT is able to incorporate the next generation of end-to-end security and facilities systems, cloud based services, stable high speed connectivity, IoT and A.I. to offer a unique living experience, in the most cost effective, efficient and environmentally friendly manner possible.”

ENSURE IT is not a facilities management division, but rather a technology integrator capable of integrating several functions across a single, customizable opensource management platform.

The ability to offer integration between applications is our real value proposition and sets us apart from competitors.

By offering components of a BMS, ENSURE’s holistic approach allows customers to build on from what they currently have, rather than a ‘rip & replace’ method, to achieve a level of “SMART” from any facility or building.

ENSURE IT takes your typical and traditional Security and facilities functions, such as Access Control, Perimeter Systems, CCTV, Fire Detection, real-time utilities monitoring, HVAC etc. forward with a smarter, more IoT (Internet of Things) approach.

Connected Security & Virtual Facilities Solutions

With the depth of over 40 years of experience, in the South Africa security sector and through our links with the Global Security Alliance, several years ago, in anticipation of a growing international trend, Ensure activated a Security Solutions & Virtual Facilities Transformation Map.

In this process Ensure Security Technologies was born and has acquired the services of leading Security Systems Architects, leading Security Technology Installers and true systems integrators and whilst through our international links, forged strong relationships with world leading technology suppliers and distributors, ideally placing ourselves to address current and future security & facilities needs with modern, cost effective solutions, including:

Connected Security Solutions:

  • World-class security technologies and physical SMART barrier systems ensuring increased operational and manpower efficiencies.
  • An AI driven incident management platform which allows not only for reductions in redundant manpower, but a proactive approach to risk management and avoidance by an upskilled Security team.
  • Integrated access control and visitor management Solution (incl. customizable ALPR & facial recognition and multi device Bluetooth & wireless technology.
  • Best of type campus and perimeter security systems including cutting-edge dual lens CCTV and radar technology, asset tracking and real-time exception alert management.
  • Remote personal ‘Live-track’ mobile panic alarm technology which can extend to areas outside of the estate – HELP ME! ®


Virtual Facilities Management

Our in-house developed systems capability allows for SMART metering and monitoring of all utilities from campus to home, which interface via customizable management dashboards with real-time data analytics and client-specific reporting functionality.

The Systems Management platform integrates all facilities and utilities functions via a highly secure real-time monitoring solution that is designed to communicate with all elements, ‘Things’ and People.

A centralised Network Operations Centre (NOC) will supply real-time monitoring and support of all safety & security and utility management services via an intelligent back-end monitoring system enabling immediate, automated incident elevation, response and reporting.

The NOC’s A.I. capability will allow certain events to be predicted, planned for and avoided where necessary, reducing the cost of maintenance and repairs and the overall total cost of ownership of any building or estate.