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South Africa’s turbulent social, political and economic history has made for a pressurised security environment unmatched in most of the world, where customer needs require careful and ongoing assessment. At ENSURE we believe that tried and tested, proven security practices, complimented with new age technologies will result in cost effective, best of type security solutions.

Our many years of exposure to a broad range of security risks and solutions across the wide spectrum of successfully serviced customers has created a deep knowledge base which is used to create customer specific and innovative, tailor made, risk management solutions.

Many resourceful South Africans have mitigated against this risk by choosing to live in gated security estates, where like-minded people collaborate in creating an environment embracing aesthetically pleasing architectural trends and building standards, orderly rules for co-existence, serene settings often incorporating state of the art facilities and infrastructure, and most importantly where their combined resources can create a secure environment for their families and assets.

To this end, ENSURE SECURITY has mustered its considerable resources to create a best of type security product to match their security needs.

The Future of Smart Eco Estates

With modern cloud architecture, ENSURE is now able to deliver unprecedented scale and agility and offer groundbreaking subscription services to residents which generate a significant annuity income stream for the Estate’s own reserves.

Our solution boasts an inline AI engine, Wi-Fi assurance, a customizable virtual facilities management platform, user engagement capability and real-time asset visibility & tracking for unparalleled insight and automation.

Access Points combine Wi-Fi, BLE and IoT for amazing wireless experiences in a cost-effective manner with the ability to integrate several key functions such as facilities, safety & security and application monitoring, to provide an intelligent platform ‘smart’ enough to optimise processes and allow for the pre-emptive, proactive notification and response to both scheduled and non-scheduled events.

Real-time information monitoring and data analytics will ensure world-class security, sustainability and environmental efficiencies through the generation and management of renewable energy resources, and green facilities initiatives.

This solution has revolutionized Estate Security and Facilities Management by offering a secure virtualised platform, ultimately allowing THINGS and PEOPLE (iOT) on the estate to communicate with each other in a manner so seamless and effortless, that the true value of Smart Eco Estate living can now be achieved like never before.